Photo of RIDE (real-time instruction for driver education) simulator

The University of Alabama’s RIDE driving simulator was finally able to make its way to Nebraska in 2021. The simulator was originally scheduled to come to the state last summer with the Total Safety Check and Evaluation course taught along with it, but due to the pandemic and the hands-on nature of the simulator, the decision was made to cancel the course. Instead, a PPE course was held in its place taught by two-time CTAA National Roadeo Champion and driver of the year, Lenzy Williams.

Photo of people using the RIDE (real-time instruction for driver education) simulator

This year, courses were held in Scottsbluff, Kearney, and Lincoln. Two simulator courses were offered at each location with Defensive Driving and close quarter maneuvering being the main topic of discussion. The simulator allowed drivers to practice real-world situations that they may face in a safe and controlled setting. A second course that did not involve the simulator, Pro-Customer Care & Effective Documentation Strategies, was held at the end of the day and focused on how drivers can professionally benefit from serving challenging clients.

Overall, the trainings were a success and 37 drivers attended the RIDE Simulator trainings and 10 drivers attended the Pro-Customer Care training over the course of three days and locations.

The Nebraska Safety Center is excited to bring special topic courses to the state to engage transit drivers in new, fun ways while they also receive their yearly required continuing education hours. If you have any special topic courses or transit presenters you would like to see come to the state please reach out to our trainer, Mitchell Locken at

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