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Driver Training Requirements

1. Defensive Driving and PASS are the required elements of the driver training program. The CPR, AED and First courses scheduled are strictly elective and is provided for the convenience of those systems that require the training.

2. Both Defensive Driving and PASS are each 8 hour courses. We have scheduled some courses on consecutive days to meet demand. There has been some confusion that the trainings are two days long.

3. Drug & Alcohol and Title VI training is relevant only to transit managers and any other administrative personnel involved in compliance with these areas. Personnel whose sole responsibility is transporting the general public are not required to attend these courses.

Defensive Driving

Sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Transportation and the University of Nebraska.
Tuesday, Oct 9th, 2018 from 8:30AM to 5:00PM
Norfolk, Ne

Registration Information

Core 20 2018-10-09

Event Details

The DDC is an 8 hour interactive class that works off of several topics pertaining to Transportation Providers. 1) Personal and Professional Excellence a) Responsibility to Drive Defensively 2) The Fatal Four 3) Factors that Contribute to collisions 4) Risk Management a) Will include class/open discussion, real-life scenarios, videos b) Defining, Reducing, and Managing Risk c) Defensive vs. Offensive Driving d) Attitude and Behaviors 5) Van Driver Liability 6) SIPDE 2013 Defensive Driving System 7) Discussion of Vehicle Dynamics a) Momentum, Weight Transfer, Differences in Vehicles, etc. 8) Managing and Eliminating Distractions 9) Restraints and Airbags 10) Safe Vehicle Operations 11) Driving and the Environment

When & Where

801 East Benjamin Ave
Suite L
Norfolk, Ne 68702