Driver Training Requirements

1. Defensive Driving and PASS are the required elements of the driver training program. The CPR, AED and First courses scheduled are strictly elective and is provided for the convenience of those systems that require the training.

2. Both Defensive Driving and PASS are each 8 hour courses. We have scheduled some courses on consecutive days to meet demand. There has been some confusion that the trainings are two days long.

3. Drug & Alcohol and Title VI training is relevant only to transit managers and any other administrative personnel involved in compliance with these areas. Personnel whose sole responsibility is transporting the general public are not required to attend these courses.

Heartsaver CPR AEDElectiveLincoln2018-12-12
Safe KidsElectiveKearney2019-01-16
Refresher PASSCore RefresherOmaha2019-01-23
Advanced Wheelchair SecurementElectiveOmaha2019-01-23
Refresher Defensive DrivingCore RefresherOmaha2019-01-23
Refresher PASSCore RefresherLincoln2019-02-06
Advanced Wheelchair SecurementElectiveLincoln2019-02-06
Refresher Defensive DrivingCore RefresherLincoln2019-02-06
Heartsaver First Aid CPR AEDElectiveKearney2019-02-27
Refresher PASSCore RefresherNorfolk2019-03-13
Advanced Wheelchair SecurementElectiveNorfolk2019-03-13
Refresher Defensive DrivingCore RefresherNorfolk2019-03-13
PASS (Bootcamp Day 1)CoreKearney2019-03-19
Defensive Driving (Bootcamp Day 2)CoreKearney2019-03-20
Heartsaver First Aid CPR AEDElectiveKearney2019-04-10
Refresher PASSCore RefresherNorth Platte2019-04-16
Dealing with Difficult PassengersElectiveNorth Platte2019-04-16
Refresher Defensive DrivingCore RefresherNorth Platte2019-04-16
Defensive DrivingCoreLincoln2019-04-24
Heartsaver First Aid CPR AEDElectiveKearney2019-05-08
PASS (Bootcamp Day 1)CoreKearney2019-05-21
Defensive Driving (Bootcamp Day 2)CoreKearney2019-05-22
Defensive DrivingCoreScottsbluff2019-06-12
Refresher PASSCore RefresherScottsbluff2019-06-13
Dealing with Difficult PassengersElectiveScottsbluff2019-06-13
Refresher Defensive DrivingCore RefresherScottsbluff2019-06-13
PASS (Bootcamp Day 1)CoreKearney2019-08-06
Defensive Driving (Bootcamp Day 2)CoreKearney2019-08-07
Refresher PASSCore RefresherKearney2019-08-08
Advanced Wheelchair SecurementElectiveKearney2019-08-08
Refresher Defensive DrivingCore RefresherKearney2019-08-08
Refresher PASSCore RefresherLincoln2019-12-04
Advanced Wheelchair SecurementElectiveLincoln2019-12-04
Refresher Defensive DrivingCore RefresherLincoln2019-12-04