Vehicle Access Challenges in Nebraska

In Nebraska there are tens of thousands of residents who do not have access to a vehicle. Due to preference, financial limitations, disability, or other reasons, they do not have a personal vehicle to transport them to their destination. Many households with access to a single vehicle also have more than one member, thus limiting mobility for the family unit. In some cases, these vehicles are not functioning or are too expensive for the household to maintain, thus, that while they have a single vehicle that does not guarantee they have access to use it on a regular basis.

Without Access to a Vehicle in Nebraska

  • 42,004 Households (5.7% of all households)
    • These households contain 66,222 individuals
      • 12.9% of rented households have no vehicle, versus 1.9% of owner-occupied households
      • Of households headed by a person aged 65+, 9.9% have no vehicle, a total of 17,141 households
    • 4,317 Veterans
    • 25,906 Persons with a Disability

With Access to Only 1 Vehicle

  • 221,147 Households (29.8% of all households)
    • These households contain 371,030 individuals
    • 62% of these households have 2 or more individuals
bar char showing the percentage of persons living in households with no vehicle available by age

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2012-2016 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates and Public Use Microdata Sample, Compiled by UNO Center for Public Affairs Research, February 2018.